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Story of Zal And Rudabeh part 2

Date: Friday , February 10th, 2017
Time: 7:00 PM ~ 9:00 PM
Location: University of Washington
Physics/Astronomy Auditorium, Seattle, WA 98195

This is the fourth session from a series on reading and studying the stories of Shahnameh. This session continues the story of Zal and Rudabeh. There will be a summary of what has been discussed so far in the beginning. This event will be in Persian to maximize the joy of audience from the beauty of Ferdowsi’s language.
Afshin Sepehri, the producer of Shahnameh Audio Book will be the narrator of this session.

در چهارمین جلسه از سلسله جلسات شاهنامه خوانی به ادامه داستان زال و رودابه می‌پردازیم. جناب آقای سپهری راوی این جلسه خواهند بود. در ابتدای جلسه خلاصه‌ای از داستان زال و رودابه که در جلسه پیش گفته شد خواهیم داشت.

The event is orgnized in collaboration with Near Eastern Languages & Civilization (NELC) – University of Washington


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