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Iranian Festival Schedule – Seattle

Date: Saturday Jun 28th, 2014
Time:  12:00 PM 
Location: Seattle Center Armory 
305 Harrison St, Seattle, WA 98109

Schedule of Events: 

12:00 Opening Daf performance by Taraneh Ashari 
Opening Anthem by Reza Razavi 
12:05 Opening Dance by Karoun Dance Ensemble
12:15 Welcome announcement by IACA
12:25 Song by Persian Preschool
12:40 Group dance by Little Karouns
12:50 Singing & Poetry By Jessika Kenney

1:10 Dance by Karavans Dance Troupe
1:25 Poetry by Afshin Sepehri
1:30 CODE.org, presented by Roxanne Emadi
1:45 Performance by Kanoon 
2:00 Talk by Shahrzad Shams
2:15 Music by Peyman Marandiz, Nima Mirzaei & Vafa Mostaghim
2:35 Standup Comedy by Reza Peyk
3:00 Author Porochista Khakpour reads from her novel, “The Last Illusion”
3:10 Solo Dance by Elham Hakimi ( Karoun Dance Ensemble)
3:20 Traditional Persian Music by Babak Daneshvar and Javad Popal
3:40 Dance by Karavans Dance Troupe
4:00 Piano by Payam khastkhodaei
4:15 Talk by US Barista Champion Laila Ghambari
4:20 A few words from IACA Founder Ali Ghambari
& Poetry by Touraj Javadi
4:30 Standup Comedy by Reza Peyk
4:50 Azeri music by Reza Razavi & Nima Mirzaei
5:00 Designers Iman Raad & Shahrzad Changalvaee present 
Two-Headed Imagomancy
5:15 Dance by Mystic Rose
5:25 Music by Daneshvar Ensemble 
6:05 Dance by Mystic Rose

Plus, Persian food from Flame Catering and pastries from Aria Bakery. Don't miss this special, free, one day event highlighting the best of local Iranian culture.



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