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Iman Raad & Shahrzad Changalvaee Live in Seattle

Iman Raad & Shahrzad Changalvaee at Seattle Iranian Festival

Date: Saturday June 28
Time: 5:00 PM
Location: Seattle Center Armory 305 Harrison St, Seattle, Washington 98109

Description: Two influential Iranian artists and graphic designers, Iman Raad and Shahrzad Changalvaee, elevate the traditional artist talk into an experimental performance. Raad and Changalvaee add a modern dimension to traditional Iranian storytelling “Pardeh-khani” which translates to “curtain-narrating”. In Pardeh-khani a narrator employs an illustrated curtain—scenes are woven together and the narrator flows from story to story using visuals to underline each important character or scene. Raad and Changalvaee reappropriate this classical storytelling device with contemporary multi-media visuals to examine the Persian folklore and myths that inform their work. They will do their presentation around 5pm. Event made possible with support from the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture and 4Culture.

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